Labbrewdor EB 002-1 West Coast Pale Ale

EB 002-1 FG

EB 002-1 West Coast Pale Ale

Dry hopping with a classic American West Coast Pale Ale:

An American Pale Ale by Young’s reportedly ‘clone’ of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Liquid Malt Extract & 600g Brewing sugar in our 23 litre fermenter with US West Coast Beer Yeast.

  • Makes 40 pints at approx 5.6% ABV
  • APA pours a light copper with a fluffy white head, initial caramel and biscuit aromas give way to a heavy floral and citrus note inviting a sip
  • Tremendous citrus, floral and pine character in both the Aroma and also the flavour
  • Beautiful malt that has lovely caramel and biscuit tones to support two powerhouse American hops: Columbus and Centennial
  • This combination of hops along with a clean yeast character are the building blocks to creating a fantastic American Pale Ale

Brew Date: 04/02/2017

West Coast Pale Ale

OG: 1050

Dry hopped at 1012

FG: 1004

ABV: 6.09%

Day 1 Fermentation at 24°C – a slow starter CO2 bubbles around 48 hours after pitching yeast but remained very active for remaining fermentation.

Day 9 Dry Hopped  I(ntermediate) Gravity 1012

Day 11 Conditioning (pressure barrel), 20g Priming sugar (1g/pint), 3 days at 16-18°C and two weeks ambient > 10°C


A fruity pale ale with light biscuit and caramel malt and heavy citrus and pine hops and bitterness.

If you’ve tried this one, we would love to hear your feedback

Labbrewdor Experimental Brew 001-1

EB001-1 FG check

EB 001-1

Our first experimental brew:

A traditional bitter ale, brewed from pre-hopped (likely Goldings) liquid malt extract made from a blend of pale and crystal malts using Gervin GV12 English Ale Yeast in our 11.5 litre (20 pint) fermenter.

Brew Date: 06/01/2017

OG: 1044

FG: 1013

ABV: 4.0%

Fermentation 9 days at 22°C – a quick starter with the majority activity in first 48 hours.

Conditioning (pressure cube), 20g brewing sugar (1g/pint), 3 days at 16-18°C and two weeks ambient > 10°C


Reasonably clear after 2 weeks of conditioning, light brown bitter, reasonably alcoholic in body and a distinct lasting bitterness and a touch earthy, mildly carbonated, slight head formation but didn’t last long. Leaving to condition for longer, some to bottles.