Welcome to Labbrewdor nanobrewery & microdistillery concept established 25th January 2017. We are still in the startup, product development and testing stages, producing original & traditional Scottish beers with our first brew due to be ready February 2017. Nestled in the verdant valley of the River Almond and flanked by the Bathgate Hills to the North and the majestic Pentland Hills skyline to the south. Livingston is a stone’s throw away from Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, with its rich and illustrious history of brewing.

Our name is a pun on both our address named after the Canadian district of Labrador (now part of Newfoundland and Labrador Province), our Laboratory (or Lab) based experience and our aim to Brew some wonderful Scottish ales and beers. We have adopted Labrador’s coat of arms as our symbol.


The motto is Munus splendidum mox explebitur , “The splendid task will soon be fulfilled.”