Fund our Brewery & join our Beer Testers

Fund Labbrewdor Brewery

Dear fellow beer fans,

Many of you may already know me as a big Whiskyphile, however my first love was Beer. My dream is to make a viable Femto- or Nano-scale brewery and then expand into a micro-distillery, named Labbrewdor Brewery & Distillery.

To acheive these aims I have rekindled my interest in homebrewing to start experimenting with recipes and beer styles and get lots and lots of brewing practice.  I have some fairly basic equipment including fermenters, conditioning kegs and bottling vessels and have been brewing out of the house & garage.

I’ll need some volunteers/beer-testers who would be happy to sample our beers and give me lots of honest feedback to help me improve my brewing – so what better way than to reward my funders

To continue with my dream I’d also like to expand to undertake partial mash and eventually all-grain brewing allowing ultimate recipe control and the ability to make the best beers possible! For this I’ll need:

Stainless steel kettle
Insulated mash tun
Wort chiller
Sparging & temperature control equipment
Grainfather 5 gallon all-in-one- brewing system ~ £750
Brewing Kits, malt, yeast, etc.

Eventually if this takes off I’ll have to move out of the house and into dedicated premises, this will incur other costs such as rental, licensing (although I could license a home brewery), training courses, etc.

In the mean time if you are interested in helping me along and don’t mind trying some small batch craft beer then please donate at:

and don’t forget to signup for our Beer Testers Wanted!

Your help will be hugely appreciated and repayed in kindness (and beer!). Thanks

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