Labbrewdor Experimental Brew 001-1

EB001-1 FG check

EB 001-1

Our first experimental brew:

A traditional bitter ale, brewed from pre-hopped (likely Goldings) liquid malt extract made from a blend of pale and crystal malts using Gervin GV12 English Ale Yeast in our 11.5 litre (20 pint) fermenter.

Brew Date: 06/01/2017

OG: 1044

FG: 1013

ABV: 4.0%

Fermentation 9 days at 22°C – a quick starter with the majority activity in first 48 hours.

Conditioning (pressure cube), 20g brewing sugar (1g/pint), 3 days at 16-18°C and two weeks ambient > 10°C


Reasonably clear after 2 weeks of conditioning, light brown bitter, reasonably alcoholic in body and a distinct lasting bitterness and a touch earthy, mildly carbonated, slight head formation but didn’t last long. Leaving to condition for longer, some to bottles.


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