Labbrewdor EB 002-1 West Coast Pale Ale

EB 002-1 FG

EB 002-1 West Coast Pale Ale

Dry hopping with a classic American West Coast Pale Ale:

An American Pale Ale by Young’s reportedly ‘clone’ of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Liquid Malt Extract & 600g Brewing sugar in our 23 litre fermenter with US West Coast Beer Yeast.

  • Makes 40 pints at approx 5.6% ABV
  • APA pours a light copper with a fluffy white head, initial caramel and biscuit aromas give way to a heavy floral and citrus note inviting a sip
  • Tremendous citrus, floral and pine character in both the Aroma and also the flavour
  • Beautiful malt that has lovely caramel and biscuit tones to support two powerhouse American hops: Columbus and Centennial
  • This combination of hops along with a clean yeast character are the building blocks to creating a fantastic American Pale Ale

Brew Date: 04/02/2017

West Coast Pale Ale

OG: 1050

Dry hopped at 1012

FG: 1004

ABV: 6.09%

Day 1 Fermentation at 24°C – a slow starter CO2 bubbles around 48 hours after pitching yeast but remained very active for remaining fermentation.

Day 9 Dry Hopped  I(ntermediate) Gravity 1012

Day 11 Conditioning (pressure barrel), 20g Priming sugar (1g/pint), 3 days at 16-18°C and two weeks ambient > 10°C


A fruity pale ale with light biscuit and caramel malt and heavy citrus and pine hops and bitterness.

If you’ve tried this one, we would love to hear your feedback

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